Blog Changes For The Better

For those of you who have been following my “What The Heck? Wednesday” series, I am sure you are probably asking yourself just where in the heck my post is this morning.  After much consideration, I have decided to do a little bit of rearranging and change a few things over here at The Mommyologist, and the first thing that I did was to officially give “What The Heck? Wednesday” the boot!

Lately, I have found myself suffering from complete and total blog overload. Basically, The Mommyologist is finally starting to take off and grow and no matter how fast I run I just can’t seem to manage to keep up the pace.  My blog is always a good two steps ahead of me, and if I don’t take action and try to catch up, then I’m bound to get left behind in the dust. And that is the absolute LAST thing that I want to happen!

One of the things that was most definitely slowing me down was trying to keep up with a weekly Meme.  My “What The Heck? Wednesday” posts were a lot of fun to write, but it was really starting to get tough for me to come up with content for them each week.  But the reason behind my lack of ideas for those posts is actually very positive.  Truth be told, I just really don’t have very much in my life to complain or bitch about these days!  I used the whole What The Heck? theme to sort of get stuff off my chest and vent a little, but right now I’m just so happy and content and blessed that I really can’t invent stuff to whine about each week!

And though I’m still not totally thrilled about the fact that Legos are trying to brainwash me and completely take over my life, if that is the biggest problem that I have, then I’m doing pretty damn well.  I remember my Dad telling me many years ago that, “People really don’t want to hear about other people’s problems.” And you know what?  He was RIGHT!  My readers are not visiting my blog to hear me bitching and moaning and being a total Debbie Downer, and I think that once in a while my “What The Heck? Wednesday” posts came across that way, and kicking that meme to the curb was absolutely the right decision.

I want to stick with my whole philosophy that The Mommyologist should be a place where people can come and LAUGH.  I want people to feel positive and inspired when they leave here.  And I can think of no better place to start than with putting a huge emphasis on my whole Mom Sexy revolution.

Seriously…how cute is my new button?  My blog design guru, Lauren at Restored316 Designs made it for me earlier this week, and I’m totally digging it.  At Bloggy Boot Camp back in March, they told us to “pick one or two memes and stick with it.”  Well, I’m officially picking Mom Sexy as my monthly meme for this blog.  If you missed the details, you can click here for the scoop.  I’m really hoping that bringing Mom Sexy back will inspire women to feel better about themselves inside and out.  Make sure and mark your calendars for Monday, April 26th for my first official Mom Sexy meme and for your chance to be my Mom Sexy Blogger of the Month for May.

If I’m going to stick with the whole positive vibe on my blog, then there is one more big change that I’m going to have to make.  As hard as it may be for me to hold back at times, I think I’m going to have to resist the urge to rip various celebrity moms to shreds when their bullshit filled stories appear on the cover of US Weekly.  I think that I’m just going to put a little more faith in the idea that most moms hopefully know that the tales of perfection that they try and sell us are nothing but a complete and total pile of crap, and that if we all had nannies and personal trainers and personal chefs and hair and makeup artists, that we’d probably be featured on magazine covers too.  (I’d SO be on one).

From now on, I will only feature celebrity moms in my posts if they are real and honest and somehow inspire the rest of us “regular moms” to be confident and happy in our lives.  And if you are shaking your head right now because you don’t think that there are any genuine ladies out there in La-La land, then don’t miss my post about Kendra Wilkinson. Because she is the real deal.  And she is totally Mom Sexy.  Stories like hers are what my readers need to hear…and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll have more wonderful ladies like Kendra to write about in the future.

I am also working on a new series for The Mommyologist right now.  I am not sure how soon it will debut because I still need to work out the details and figure out where the hell I’m going with it, but it’s something that I’m very excited about.  It’s something that will feature REAL women, with REAL stories, and with REAL laughs.  And I can’t wait.

The only thing that is certain in life is change.  And the only way that you can grow is through change.  Because CHANGE IS GOOD.


  1. 1
    Amy says:

    You absolutely, completely and totally ROCK!!! Loved your ‘What the heck? Wednesday’ series, but proving once again that you are a genius, you recognized its expiration date was approaching, and booted it. Looking forward to the coming changes.

    <3 A

    P.S. Love the new button! It is SO you! And yes, you would absolutely rock the cover of every magazine if you were as pampered and spoiled as the celeb moms :-)

  2. 2
    Theta Mom says:

    Smart girl. I was going to share my experience with you at one point, but then I didn’t want to come off telling you what to do with your blog – but I know from first hand experience, the weekly memes don’t last. I ditched Theta Mom Thursday for the exact same reason – hosting it became a challenge, keeping it fresh week after week. So back in January, I made it mothly and even that sometimes is a stretch.

    I think memes are good for those just starting out to meet some new peeps and get their “name” out there, but beyond that, it’s difficult to keep the content fresh with the SAME meme.

  3. 3

    I love the look and feel of your site! And totally digging the “positive vibes only” approach…too many blogs are just big whine-fests, in my opinion. I’ve subscribed and hope to be back soon.


  4. 4
    Jenny says:

    Change is always good. I do love reading about all your celebrity dishing and can’t wait for more. Meme’s are definitely hard to keep up with. I don’t even have one but when I try and join one I usually forget about it.
    Can’t wait to read all your new and exciting blog posts!

  5. 5
    Melissa says:

    Change can definitely be a good thing… Good luck with all the changes!

  6. 6
    Evonne says:

    I’ll be honest with you – I will miss WTH Wednesday. But this is YOUR blog and if something’s not working for you, than it needs changed.

    I am looking forward to Mom Sexy. Every mom needs to feel sexy. I love your button for it, too!

  7. 7
    Kmama says:

    Congrats on your changes and good luck with the new direction. I’m going to be a tiny bit sad to not see you rip into the celebs, because, to me, it WAS funny. Maybe you can do it from time to time??

  8. 8

    Good for you! I know sometimes as you grow your blog can take on a new direction. Its hard to figure it out until you are actually doing it. And I give you credit for doing a weekly meme. I can just never keep up with doing one. I will be launching a monthly one but I am thinking monthly won’t be so bad. I am excited for your changes. And as always love our blog!

  9. 9

    What a wonderful affirmation!

    While I never found your blog to be at all negative, I wish you all the luck in the world going forward!

    Looking forward to the new you!

  10. 10
    kp says:

    I’m sure this change will be a good one, since I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve read of yours. But what is it about Spring that makes us all so eager to change?

  11. 11
    Shell says:

    I think that as long as you are being you, your blog is awesome! And, while it’s not going to be a regular thing for you to do WTH or to rip into celebs, I hope that you still occasionally write those posts if that is what you are thinking about!

  12. 12

    Looking forward to the new changes! Love your blog and i am sure this will just make me love it more!

  13. 13

    Good for you for going with what works for you! The last think anyone needs is to be locked into something in your blog that you’re just not feeling. It will definitely come through in your writing.

    I’ve never had any memes of my own, and have only participated in a few memes *if* it worked for me. I’ve never made a commitment to doing someone’s meme ever week; if I have something to say that goes along with a meme, then I’ll do it. When I first started blogging I had a different theme every day and posted almost every day, but burnout came quickly so I abandoned it. I think it takes about a year to get comfortable with your blog, to find your voice, to define where you’re going…and that’s okay. Besides, part of the enjoyment as a reader is watching a blog evolve. It’s like a television series–take Sex and the City, for example, and compare the style of the first episode to the last. There are similarities, yes–the basic foundation is still there, but it’s also evolved into something slightly different. I don’t think blogging is any different.

  14. 14
    Crystal & Co says:

    Theta Mom, good advice!

    Actaully, I was thinking about starting a Meme, but I already easily put 10 hours a day into content, editing, research, promoting, and PR. It gets overwhelming. And we are so scared we are going to miss out… I get scared that if I take too much time away from my blog I will slip. It will slip.

    The crazy things we do to ourselves.

    Mommyologist- your content is great with or without a Meme. Good for you for knowing your boundries.

  15. 15
    Sarah C. says:

    I think these changes sound awesome…I feel you on having difficulty keeping up with the blog thing, though. Isn’t it amazing how life gets in the way, sometimes? I also like the idea of being positive. That’s something I’ve got to try more (have been thinking about it lately, though.) I love your blog and you are a great blog supporter – love every comment and visit you make :)

  16. 16

    Feature celebrity moms? As in you can interview Julia roberts and people like that?
    You got celebrity connections? Sounds like fun! I’ll have to check it out when you do one. I am following you–WHEW!
    Must keep up with all the cool NEW blogs I have found! :)

  17. 17

    oh wait–you are not doing WTH Wednesday anymore? Well whatever you do I’m sure it will make me smile. You sound like such a FUN Mom blogger despite legos on the brain…LOL.

  18. 18
    Rebecca says:

    Aww take some time to get refreshed we will all be just fine. You know your blog is one of my faves but honestly if you need your sanity and renewed inspiration ~ than go for it! We will be here waiting for when you come back. Love the new button. Personally I enjoy Wordless Wednesdays. It gives me a break from all the typing. I linked up with which has been fun. It’s like stepping into a personable art museum of lives and photography. Catch you later gater! Will check back on the 26th!

  19. 19
    Rebecca says:

    I HATE legos!!!! Glad to see you mixing things up you Sexy Mama!!!

  20. 20
    Nikki says:

    I’m so excited for Mom Sexy to start!!! I love reading your blog!!

  21. 21
    Andrea says:

    Girl, I never thought of you as a Debbie Downer, but I’ll keep on coming back for more! It’s great all things are good in the world of the Mommyologist! :)

  22. 22

    Good for you! Change is a great thing. And, I love your mom sexy idea! Real moms are strong and sexy. Great looking button!

  23. 23
    Kristen says:

    Change is scary (for me), but good! Still following!

  24. 24
    Erin says:

    I’m a new follower and really enjoyed reading the older WTH Wednesday posts. I will miss not getting to read them “live,” but might be borrowing the idea if I need to get things off my chest in a funny and non-ranting kind of way. ;)

    I’m really excited about Mom Sexy and am eagerly waiting for April 26!

  25. 25
    Crystal says:

    What a fun new meme you’re starting, and I like the idea of doing it once a month. Weekly can be kind of difficult to stick with, I’m realizing that with my FAB Friday meme. I agree with you, blogging can be quite difficult to keep up with. I recently decided to cut back on blogging a bit. I now blog only 2-3 times a week. It’s been working out nicely for me.
    Anyway, I’m a first time visitor, LOVE what I see, now a new follower :)

  26. 26

    I am totally with you on the difficulty of a weekly meme. I’ve tried to start one a few times but then I just can’t keep it up. I think a monthly one makes a lot more sense.

  27. 27
    Holly Bowne says:

    Good for you! I love to focus on the positive as much as possible. And I look forward to your Mom Sexy posts. Also, I have to thank you. I never knew what a “meme” was before. I kept seeing that term but couldn’t ever figure out what it meant. Now, by jove, I think I’ve got it! :o )

  28. 28
    Cara Mamma says:

    Can’t wait for the Mom Sexy Meme! I think I am relieved to see that someone else is on meme overload. There are so many good ones out there, but sometimes being on such a strict schedule takes the fun and creativity out of my stories. Somehow there has to be a balance! :)

  29. 29
    Christine says:

    I am pretty new to your blog…I did meet you at Boot Camp though! I like how you think and look forward to reading more. The only thing that stays the same is change! ;o)

  30. 30
    Erin says:

    Loving the Mom Sexy button! And we are all feeling the burn lately…as our blogs get read more and more, we have more on our plates and more to respond to. It’s hard, no doubt. But I’m glad Mom Sexy will be remaining a part of your space!!!


  31. 31

    Gave you a Happy 101 Award. Nice to recently “meet” you in bloggy land and Twitter….You’re a rockstar–love your blog!

  32. 32
    purseblogger says:

    This is awesome! While I’ll miss WTHW I totally understand. Sometimes you just need to move on. I can’t wait to see what you’re coming up with. And I LOVE Mom Sexy!

  33. 33

    I have always loved your blog anyway and will continue to love it even though you are going all happy and stuff! We all have craziness going on in our lives and need to keep positive and laugh. Yeah! I love the positive outlook! Can’t wait for the mom sexy!

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