Mom Sexy Prom Details

Sooo…are you coming to my prom?  I heard through the grapevine that people are having a bit of a tough time finding the details on my blog (sorry about that!), so I’m reposting the scoop on my Mom Sexy Prom 2010!

After being inspired by my Mom Sexy Blogger of the Month for June, I started thinking about how all of us have these awesome dresses that sit in our closets and maybe come out once a year if we are lucky.  And I really think that it is a total tragedy, that as sexy mamas, we don’t get to show them off a little more often. So I want to give all of us an occasion to get all gussied up and strut our stuff a bit.

I’m pleased to officially invite all of you to:


That’s right ladies.  I’m turning Mom Sexy into Prom Sexy at the end of this month.  Please join me on Monday, June 21st, and link up your post with a picture of you in “Your Hot Dress” or “Your Hot Outfit”, whatever it may be. This is your excuse to finally put on that little number that you never wear because you just don’t have a reason to. You have an occasion now!  And you know what?  You’re not even required to bring a date to this prom.  I plan on going stag.

The McLinky will be up from Monday, the 21st, until Friday, the 25th, and then me and my yet-to-be-selected team of expert panelists will nominate five ladies who linked up their photo to be our Mom Sexy Prom Queen. On Monday, the 28th, the five nominees for prom queen will be revealed and all of you will have the chance to vote daily for the winner.  And she will be crowned on July 1st as my Mom Sexy Prom Queen Blogger for July. (And yes, I will be sending the winner her very own tiara. Every queen deserves one).

I am SO pumped about this and I really think that this is going to be the BEST PROM EVER! (And I’m pretty sure that I won’t leave in the limo alone after this one).

I really think that this is going to be SO MUCH FUN!!  I really hope to see all of you on the 21st!!!

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