Tell Us Why You are “Not” Mom of the Year!

It’s Monday, July 12th and I am so excited that today has finally arrived!  It’s time to officially kick off the “Not Mom of the Year” contest that I’m hosting with

In case you missed the details, you can get the full scoop Otherwise, get ready to enter our contest for the chance to win the title of “Not Mom of the Year” and a $150 gift card to

Contest Rules:

*First and foremost, this contest is JUST FOR FUN.  We cannot stress this point enough.  Let’s face it…we all do things as moms that make us less than perfect in the parenting department, but that does NOT mean that we are doing anything wrong or that we aren’t good mothers to our children.  We ask that while reading/viewing the contest entries, that you be respectful of each and every person who enters.  This is NOT a free-for-all for you to criticize anyone’s parenting skills just because they are different from your own.  If you read a post or watch a vlog and do not like what the author has to say, please just leave the blog and refrain from leaving her any negative comments.  We do not want anyone to feel judged or inadequate in any way, shape, or form. Again, THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN!

*Only serious contestants need apply for the coveted title of “Not Mom of the Year.”  The winner will be expected to adhere to strict guidelines while she holds the title, which include but may or may not be limited to the following:

1. The winner agrees not to change or monkey at all with the behavior which earned her the title in the first place.  If the judges (Mary and Tina) get wind of any shady business going on in her household, such as cheerios being picked up off the floor, laundry being folded, etc., then they reserve the right to revoke her title and pass it on to the runner up.

2. If at any point during her reign, Miss “Not Mom of the Year” decides that she is unable or unwilling to uphold her duties, then she must notify Mary and Tina at once and forfeit her title, which will then inevitably be passed on to the runner up.

3. Miss “Not Mom of the Year” must agree to proudly display her award badge on her blog for the entire duration of her title-ship. If at any point she becomes ashamed or embarrassed by the title, then she agrees to step down from her position.

How To Enter:

Ok…now that you know the rules, it’s time to grab our button, which I cannot get to paste correctly onto my sidebar, so head on over to and grab it from her blog since she seems to have her shit together better than I do!

After you have our button, write your own post, or record your own vlog, and link up with us below!  Be creative, original, and super-honest!

The McLinky will be up through this Friday, July 16th. Tina and I will then pick 5 finalists from the entries and they will be announced on Monday, July 19th, and voting for the winner will begin!

We cannot WAIT to hear why you deserve to be “Not Mom of the Year!”

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