October 11th, My Anniversary!

Today is October 11th, 2010, and seven years ago today I somehow managed to snag myself a man. And not just any man…but a pretty cool dude who puts up with my shit, doesn’t complain, and still manages to make me laugh on a daily basis seven years after we said, “I do.”

He is an amazing husband, a wonderful father, and was seriously just way too good to me yesterday when my hungover self wound up spending the entire morning in bed. It seems that my post last week about needing wine came back and bit me in the ass.

Ok, back to the sentimental shit. I don’t want to brag, but my wedding was beyond perfect. After Hurricane Fabian ruined our initial plans to get married in Bermuda, we wound up changing the venue last-minute and got hitched at Cheeca Lodge & Spa in Islamorada in the Florida Keys.

I’m too lazy to go dig out photos and scan them right now, but here are some shots of Cheeca to give you an idea of just how annoyingly perfect my day was:

And here’s one lone wedding photo that I managed to pull off my Facebook page…aren’t I a total catch?

It was the perfect wedding, the perfect moonlit evening, the perfect fish jumping behind me and the hubster in the perfect turquoise water while we said our vows, and it was the perfect party complete with open bar after the ceremony.

But you’re not allowed to hate me for having a perfect wedding because my initial wedding was ruined by a friggin’ hurricane. I deserved perfect, dammit.

I can’t believe that I haven’t been back to Cheeca since the wedding. Maybe the resort should bring me and the hubs down there for a visit so that I can experience Cheeca’s perfection and then blog about it. (Hint, hint, wink, wink).

Happy Anniversary Babe…can’t wait to see where the next seven years take us!

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