Did You Lose Your Identity After Having A Kid? I Did.

I don’t know about you, but I had a pretty tough time as a new mom. I missed sleep. I missed my body. I missed being able to go out to dinner at a nice restaurant or hop a plane to Vegas whenever I felt like it. Basically…I missed ME.

And then of course, like every other parent out there who has had these same feelings with a new baby…I felt GUILTY for wanting to get back a piece of my old life.

But you know something? Missing your old life is NORMAL. Wanting to reclaim your identity after having kids is a natural progression for a parent. Because your identity is your SEXY…and your sexy defines who you are.

As a new mom, I didn’t have enough hours in the day to manage all of the tasks that go along with parenting a small child. But as my son got older, I found myself needing more to do with my life. I needed to have something for myself. And most importantly, I needed something to remind me of who exactly I am. Some moms are lucky enough to retain their identities once the munchkins arrive without needing more…but I wasn’t one of them. Not only did I need more…I CRAVED more.

I may be my son’s mom, but I’m also MARY. And I’m The Mommyologist, dammit.

Last week, my good friend Dallas Cyr stopped by and interviewed me about this subject of losing yourself after having kids. We had a great chat over mimosas…and of course we have the whole thing on video. Dallas has been kind enough to feature me on his site for his Monthly Masters series talking all about my experience with reclaiming my identity (my sexy) after I had my son.

Here’s a little more info about Dallas:

A former financial planner, Dallas Michael Cyr is an Entrepreneur, Life Guide, Speaker and Vlogger. His Passion is helping willing individuals live Happier, Healthier and Wealthier lives. Termed the Edutainer, Dallas helps people discover their purpose, reignites people’s fire for life and motivates & inspires everyone to overcome their obstacles and to live LIMITLESS!

Dallas Cyr

“I always say that fear and the false idea of failure are the two most crippling obstacles we have to living a Limitless life. One filled with passion, joy and freedom that many of us dream of. If a doctor categorized these ideas as the disease they are, it would be clear we have an epidemic on our hands.


That is why it’s so important to remember that in any given situation you can have fear or faith; when one is present the other is absent and both are a CHOICE… so choose Faith!”


Dallas Michael Cyr

“Your Guide on the journey to a Limitless Life!

Make sure to head on over and check out my interview with Dallas and learn more about why it is so important to take back your identity after having kids…and why you should never feel guilty about wanting to find your “sexy.” Oh yeah, and one more thing…I’m also giving away a $100 SpaFinder gift card to help you take some time for yourself and think about what your “sexy” is. Watch my interview with Dallas Cyr for all the details!

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