Interview With Jennifer Garner: How Jennifer Saved Me From Total Embarrassment

Last week was pretty freakin’ good for The Mommyologist. We finally had some super-warm weather in Connecticut and I squeezed in a little pool time with my son. I also scored some really great deals at Old Navy and got some totally Mom Sexy skirts for summer. And lastly, I got the chance to sit down and interview celeb mom Jennifer Garner after she kicked off the Frigidaire Kids Cooking Academy Summer Session at Blue Hill Restaurant at Stone Barns in Pocantico Hills, NY.

jennifer garner

Jennifer Garner and the kids


I went out to Stone Barns on behalf of I have been a Celebrity Blogger for their Famecrawler blog for almost a year now…and though I’ve done some great celeb interviews over the phone, this was my first real life in-person gig. And it was AWESOME. I totally dug every single second, and believe it or not, I really wasn’t all that nervous.

Well…at least I wasn’t all that nervous until they told me I’d be interviewing Jennifer Garner directly after CNN got done with her. Are you freakin’ kidding me? CNN?

I wasn’t sure how I was going to follow an act like that, but once I got in the room, I was ready to put my game face on and take on the interview like an old pro.

I was introduced to Jennifer, who gave me her famous smile, put out her hand for me to shake, and then we hopped into our director’s chairs so the interview could be taped. And then she thanked ME for coming out to talk to her that day. Um…for real??

jennifer garner the mommyologist

The Mommyologist meets Jennifer Garner


In case there was any doubt in your mind about just how down to earth Jen really is, I have the perfect example which proves that she may be an A-lister in Hollywood, but she’s really just a mom like the rest of us.

Right before the interview started, Mr. Video Camera Man looked at me and said something along the lines of, “We don’t have an extra mic for you. Do you need us to tape the audio of you asking the questions, or do you just want Jennifer to answer them?”

And then there were CRICKETS people. CRICKETS!!!!

I looked at Jennifer Garner (JENNIFER FREAKIN’ GARNER) with this blank stare on my face and said:

“Why am I not getting this??”

She smiled and kind of laughed and explained that she would incorporate my questions into her answers, and then Mr. Video Camera Man would place slides into the edited video of my questions before she answered them.

After she translated Mr. Video Camera Man’s words into non-tech-geek-mom-friendly language, I totally got what was about to happen, and proceeded with the interview.

To hear more about the Frigidaire Kids Cooking Academy program, you can watch my interview with Jen in the video below…and if you look really closely at the double oven behind her, you can kind of see my reflection. Oh yeah…and you’ll hear my Mom Sexy voice laughing a couple times towards the end of the video.

I’d like to personally thank Jennifer Garner for talking to me like a normal mom friend would…and saving my ass from complete and total embarrassment.

I think I may be her new biggest fan.



*The PR firm sent me that first photo…so I’m assuming they won’t sue my ass for using it.


  1. 1

    Mary – that was awesome! I love her! and you did a fabulous job, too. Where is your dress from? So cute!

  2. 3

    Love this! I love her even more now! You look totally hot too!

  3. 5
    Evonne says:

    That’s awesome you got to interview Jennifer Garner!

    Here’s an off the wall question – is she really tall, or are those kids just short?

  4. 7

    Fantastic! What an incredible experience that must have been….

  5. 9

    Great interview!! I love that she was so down to Earth! I always knew she was one of my favorite actresses. :)

  6. 11
    Glamamom says:

    So fun! Great job Mary.

  7. 13
    Kim says:

    Hello! Remember me? lol I haven’t been around in a while but i sure to miss reading your posts. That’s so awesome that you get to interview celebrities. Anyone that you really liked or disliked so far? Looks like your doing well. You look great too!

    • 14
      The Mommyologist says:

      I absolutely remember you! How have you been? Jennifer was my favorite so far…and I have Nia Vardalos next week, which will be fun! I’ve done quite a few phone interviews as well…Richard Blais and Jennie Garth were my faves!

  8. 15
    Shell says:

    What a fabulous week for you!

    And you look amazing right along with Jennifer!

  9. 17
    Theta Mom says:

    I can’t believe you have been writing for Babble for almost a year! Where is the time going? You look amazing and what a thrill to interview her! You’re a rockstar mama!!

    • 18
      The Mommyologist says:

      Thanks Heather!! No idea where the time is going…look how many days it took me to reply to this comment! Wait a minute…what day IS this? LOL

  10. 19

    Awesome job, Mary! You looked fabulous…definitely gave Jennifer a run for her money. You rocked the mom sexy in that dress!

  11. 21

    Great interview! She seems so down to earth. Look at you both getting your Mom Sexy on in that pic!!!

  12. 23

    You go, girl! Great interview!

  13. 25
    JulieK says:

    I have always really enjoyed her acting and I’m glad to see she IS as down to earth as she’s always seemed to me! :)

  14. 27
    MommaKiss says:

    You are awesome! And I love her, always have. she seems so ‘normal’

    • 28
      The Mommyologist says:

      She was totally normal! She said some funny and normal “mom” stuff “off-the-record.” Will fill you in over wine the next time I see you!

  15. 29
    Emma says:

    I’m so glad that you’ve had a good week. Jennifer seems really cool as well as beautiful……check you out interviewing Hollywood stars 😉 Amazing x

  16. 31
    Sandra says:

    Seriously so cool! AND you got to shake the hand of the woman who has touched Ben Afflect with that hand!…I know, I went there…

  17. 33

    This is so awesome, Mary!!! I would have been so unbelievably nervous, but you look amazing and it sounds like you did a wonderful job! Love you in that beautiful dress :)

  18. 35
    nmaha says:

    You are actually the only celebrity I know:-)
    Great job and lovely outfit.

  19. 37

    I LOVE her! I love the message- from the farm to the table! That is awesome that you have been with Babble for a year!! I need to get my ass into something like that!

    • 38
      The Mommyologist says:

      She was SO great and down to earth!! No idea where this year has gone…it’s been a fun ride, that’s for sure!

  20. 39
    Beck says:

    I’ve been a fan of Jennifer Garner’s since her ALIAS days. :)

  21. 43

    your interview is great, and i love that your (almost) embarassment means i was able to learn a little bit about how the whole show biz thing works.

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