I Have My Power Back. Now What?

This past Saturday night, it finally happened. THE POWER CAME BACK ON AT MY HOUSE!!!

Of course, I wasn’t there when we were magically blessed with lights and heat again.

Because The Mommyologist does not stay in a house with no power and heat. Instead, I was down by the Connecticut shore enjoying a glass of wine in front of the fire while waiting with my family for a table at this great little restaurant.



You see, after the big October snowstorm hit Connecticut right before Halloween, you couldn’t find hotel rooms in this area, and if you could find them, they didn’t have power either. Yes…I know…TOTAL SHITSTORM.

And because there was nowhere to hole up near where I live, we hauled ass down to the Connecticut shore where we lived at the Hyatt Place in Mystic for the week.

Fast forward to this morning, where I’m sitting on my comfortable couch and I’m about to have a hot cup of coffee out of my Keurig. I can’t tell you how many mornings I’ve done the exact same thing and totally taken it for granted. Shame on me for being such a damn diva most of the time.

I’m so excited and grateful to have my power back…but now what?

School is still cancelled today and tomorrow. And trick-or-treat has been rescheduled for tonight in my neighborhood (hooray)!

But something tells me that getting back into a “normal” routine is going to take a few days, if not the rest of the week.

Because I’m all out of sorts and don’t really know what to do with myself. Hell, I can’t even seem to make this post funny no matter how hard I try to stir up my humorous self.

Oh yeah, and I also have to do a bit of damage control now because eating at restaurants three times a day for an entire week and consuming a bottle and a half of wine every night has made my pants tight again.

Bye bye, wheat, dairy, sugar, and wine.

But hello electricity. I think that’s a pretty fair trade.

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