I Have My Power Back. Now What?

This past Saturday night, it finally happened. THE POWER CAME BACK ON AT MY HOUSE!!!

Of course, I wasn’t there when we were magically blessed with lights and heat again.

Because The Mommyologist does not stay in a house with no power and heat. Instead, I was down by the Connecticut shore enjoying a glass of wine in front of the fire while waiting with my family for a table at this great little restaurant.



You see, after the big October snowstorm hit Connecticut right before Halloween, you couldn’t find hotel rooms in this area, and if you could find them, they didn’t have power either. Yes…I know…TOTAL SHITSTORM.

And because there was nowhere to hole up near where I live, we hauled ass down to the Connecticut shore where we lived at the Hyatt Place in Mystic for the week.

Fast forward to this morning, where I’m sitting on my comfortable couch and I’m about to have a hot cup of coffee out of my Keurig. I can’t tell you how many mornings I’ve done the exact same thing and totally taken it for granted. Shame on me for being such a damn diva most of the time.

I’m so excited and grateful to have my power back…but now what?

School is still cancelled today and tomorrow. And trick-or-treat has been rescheduled for tonight in my neighborhood (hooray)!

But something tells me that getting back into a “normal” routine is going to take a few days, if not the rest of the week.

Because I’m all out of sorts and don’t really know what to do with myself. Hell, I can’t even seem to make this post funny no matter how hard I try to stir up my humorous self.

Oh yeah, and I also have to do a bit of damage control now because eating at restaurants three times a day for an entire week and consuming a bottle and a half of wine every night has made my pants tight again.

Bye bye, wheat, dairy, sugar, and wine.

But hello electricity. I think that’s a pretty fair trade.


  1. 1
    Sili says:

    Glad to hear you are back home and take your time getting readjusted. You’ll be back up to speed in no time (and, I still see the humor in your post even if you don’t!).

  2. 3
    mindy says:

    i hear ya… SO thankful to have my lights and head back… and now, some how, i feel like i’m living in the twilight zone.

  3. 5

    Oh no, you pants thight too? Same here, bloody chocolate…

  4. 7

    Glad to hear that you got the juice back. We got ours back on Tuesday and my house and daily routine are still a disaster. That’s great that they rescheduled Halloween in your neighborhood. They didn’t in ours – and there were a bunch of kids, w/parents fortunately, out in our ‘hood with no power, downed power lines and tree limbs everywhere. Not safe. Smart move to go to the beach!

    • 8
      The Mommyologist says:

      I feel like it is going to take me forever to feel normal again. I’m even nervous about going to the grocery store today!

  5. 9

    Holy crap!! I can’t believe you guys had to be out of your home for so long! Insane. At least the kids get to go trick-or-treating, though, that’ll be fun. Welcome back!

    • 10
      The Mommyologist says:

      Trick-or-treating was so great! I am so happy we were able to give the kids a nice Halloween, even if it was a week late!

  6. 11
    Mercurial says:

    I think I’d give up the electricity of the wheat, dairy, sugar, etc. Alright, maybe not! Enjoy the trick or treating and take your time finding routine again!

  7. 13
    Crystal says:

    OOF!! When I was in high school, the SAME thing happened to us: no electricity for a week. But no hotels to go to. We played games via candlelight and did A LOT of family bonding. I’m still scarred. LOL!! I love my electricity…I’m reminded how much I’m a diva everytime we go camping in the summer. I need myself some running water, flushing toilet, and electricity!!

    • 14
      The Mommyologist says:

      We probably could have survived if it wasn’t so cold! No power is one thing…no heat is definitely another! I have never been a camper, and this week totally reminded me why.

  8. 15
    Shell says:

    Wow, girl. That was a long time to be w/o power! And now you still have to deal with trick-or-treating. You might want to wait til after you raid Little Dude’s haul to swear off the sugar. 😉

    • 16
      The Mommyologist says:

      We did the trick-or-treat thing last night and I totally caved on the candy! Trying to get back on track today…but I am still all out of sorts.

  9. 17

    Dude what is up with the rescheduling of Trick or Treating?!??! My in laws in New Canaan said they are doing that too. I say forget it. Stay home & drink wine. But of course you can bring a roadie with you…AKA #DrinkOrTreating

    • 18
      The Mommyologist says:

      We brought a wagon with us last night trick-or-treating with two boxes of wine and a keg! You would’ve been proud.

  10. 19
    Missy Olive says:

    Glad the power is back on. At least you got to enjoy Mystic!

  11. 20
    nmaha says:

    That must have been tough, I mean the outtage. Glad you’re getting back in the groove.

  12. 21
    Sarahviz says:

    I have no idea how you did it! 4 days was definitely my breaking point.


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