I Suck At Money

Ok, I think it’s confession time. Not like this one is any big secret, because I’m pretty open and honest about it with pretty much anyone and everyone.

Here it goes…

I totally suck at money.

Don’t get me wrong…I’m great at spending it. But I totally suck at saving it, and I suck at having things in order so I can file my taxes properly, and I suck at planning for the future so that hopefully I won’t have to sit here telling you how much I suck at money thirty years from now.

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to a super-awesome event at the Warren Tricomi Salon in NYC, hosted by GoGirl Finance, Manisha Thakor, and my good friend Jill over at Glamamom.



GoGirl Finance was created by Caryn Effron in an effort to help women feel confident about managing their finances, and Manisha Thakor is basically a guru on all things money related. These two ladies share a similar mission…to educate clueless women like myself about how to manage their money and feel ready and prepared for the future financially. And Jill from Glamamom…well, if I even have to introduce you to her then you are totally missing out on knowing one incredibly awesome chick. (And she dresses way better than I do). Together, the three of them put on this amazing evening to help put us on the path to make this our “Best Year Yet” as far as getting a handle on our personal finances.

Ok, back to the event.

I had a fresh blowout.

I said BLOWOUT (get your damn head out of the gutter).



I chatted it up with some really great peeps.



There may or may not have been “refreshments.”



But the most important part of the night came when we all listened to Manisha Thakor give us tips and advice on just how important it is to take charge of your finances early in life, and to save now to ensure your financial security down the road. Basically, if you don’t get your shit together early on, you’ll find yourself in a real pickle during the time in your life when you aren’t supposed to be worrying about this shit.



Taking care of your finances is just as essential to your personal health and well being as all of the other things you do to make yourself feel important, beautiful, and appreciated. (I’m making this my new mantra…).

Yeah…I definitely have a few things to work on to make 2012 my best year yet. But GoGirl and Manisha Thakor made me feel better about taking the necessary steps to get on the right track.


Photo Credits: Rebecca Weiss Photography



  1. 1
    Bonnie says:

    We are destined to be friends. When it comes to spending, I’m the boss. Saving, on the other hand, is a totally different story. Saving is just so … boring.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  2. 3

    I think we might be identical twins separated at birth. My husband asked what the wine budget was for the month.

    My response- unlimited. #Duh

    • 4
      The Mommyologist says:

      Wine budget? I had no idea that there was such thing. Isn’t that one of life’s essentials…like water, deodorant, toilet paper, etc?

  3. 5
    Maija @ Maija's Mommy Moments says:

    I really need an event like that for the blowout, the refreshments and oh yeah the money advice :)

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