How to Make a Crystal Light Martini (VIDEO)

Ahhh. One of my favorite times of year has finally arrived…

The sun stays out past 4pm. You don’t need a parka to run outside and check the mail. And instead of listening to the annoying hum of the snowplow in the mornings, I’m actually hearing birds chirpin’ outside. And it’s music to my ears.

Spring is almost officially here…which means it’s Crystal Light Martini time. I had my first one of the season earlier tonight…and it was REAL good to mama.



Every time I drunk tweet talk about my almost famous Crystal Light Martinis, I get plenty of requests from different people asking me how to make them. And the truth is they’re so freakin’ easy that a 2-year old could probably figure out it. Of course, that would sort of be frowned upon.

A couple summers ago, I made a video demonstrating how exactly to make a Crystal Light Martini. My hair may be a bit lighter now…but my shakin’ skills haven’t changed one bit.

Watch…shake…pour…and enjoy!



  1. 1
    Missy Olive says:

    awesome! thanks for sharing again! I will add this to my list of fun summer drinks.

  2. 3
    Glamamom says:

    Love it. Thanks for sharing. It is indeed Crystal Lite Martini weather!

  3. 6
    Sonya M says:

    Love it!!! I will totally have to make one of these:)

  4. 7
    Sonya M says:

    I just shared this on my Peace Love Boot Camp Facebook page too:) I tagged you!

  5. 8

    I love it because it’s easy to do. I will try it this weekend! Oh by the way Mary, I love you kitchen! :-)

  6. 9
    Shell says:

    Yum! Perfect weather for one, too!

  7. 10
    nmaha says:

    Best share ever :-)

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