Mom Sexy Fridays: Change Is Super Sexy

Please welcome  Jacki from Dare 2 Dream Dare 2 Do as my Mom Sexy Fridays guest poster today! (And please give her a round of applause for being understanding about the fact that my schedule is nuts as hell lately — cuz it really is).



Jacki is a book obsessed, maniacally efficient, logically creative, feminist in a conservative facade who is currently training for her first 5k race.  She works full time outside the home, is finishing up a Master’s degree, and coaches her son’s soccer team. She obviously has too much on her plate (like most moms).

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We all have this moment when we know we need a change.  Whether it is a new job, a new diet, or a new haircut.  Something, anything, just to get us out of our rut, get the momentum going, and feel like we are more than what we have been.

For me, it started with exercise.

This past November I began working out with a personal trainer once a week.  It was costly and not something everyone can afford, but I was just not capable of keeping myself motivated.

With no one keeping track of my successes but me, well, let’s just say we were screwed from the very beginning.

I needed accountability.  I needed to not look like a complete lazy jack ass in front of a healthy 21 year-old college student/personal trainer.

I had learned to live with lazy jack ass, but I didn’t want someone else to see it.

So I began a cross training workout with the TRX system once a week.  With homework.  Yes, exercises to do at home.  And I did them, because I knew that my trainer would be expecting improvements by our next appointment.

Suddenly, something happened.  Having never, ever, ever even considered running a viable and enjoyable form of exercise (running for the sake of running, come on?), I was partaking in the Couch to 5K training program.

I was also lining up friends and family members to run 5K’s, 20K’s, and mud runs with me.  I was looking forward to getting up at 5:15 am and into the gym by 6:00 am to start my day with weight lifting and sprints.

Crazy shit, huh?

What the hell happened?  Well, I ran. I ran for a few minute longer than I thought was possible and I looked inside myself and was proud and amazed.  Then I ran a little bit longer, or a little bit faster.

I continued to feel amazed, for a bit.  Then the amazement went away and was replaced with this even better feeling of “if I can do this, what the hell else can I do?” and the good old “I freakin’ rock!”

Know what else happened?  I started craving healthy food and eating better.  I started using moisturizer daily, exfoliating my skin regularly, and considering outfits beyond hoodies and jeans.  I was feeling good on the inside and I wanted that to shine through.

That’s not it!  I started all kinds of things that I was once afraid to even try or consider possible.  I haven’t sold the house and packed up the family to travel around the world, but I am moving towards the goal of doing something with my 40+ hours a week that will make me happy, well fed, and feeling like the me that I have kept hidden for so very long.

The hidden me is awesome, she is sexy, and she can’t wait to taste each new day.  All because I didn’t want to be a lazy jack ass any longer.  All it took was just one step, one change.

Go for it!  What will your change be?



  1. 1
    Juliek says:

    I love the couch to 5k program!! I did it six months after my son was born and it kicked me into shape again and I ran a 5k when he was 7 months!! I had always been a runner but the c25k schedule was what I needed to get back on track!
    A change I need to make is getting more organized at home!! it makes me feel unsexy to have a cluttered house, I know that doesn’t even have anything to do with my body but i noticed when I start letting the house go, I start letting myself go too! Weird, but, for me, it’s true. I just did a deep clean of my kitchen this week and I am getting rid of all those things I haven’t used since I got married! It feels SO good and has gotten me energized to get rid of “needless stuff”

    • 2
      Jacki says:

      I have my first 5k in 3 weeks and I am super excited. I signed up for a 20K in June and I am hoping I didn’t completing lose my mind.

      It is amazing how connected everything is, once we take of one thing we find we start taking care of more. I have a routine of purging my house at the start of every season. Perhaps that purge should move beyond my home.

  2. 3
    Nat Nanton says:

    Yes! You do freakin’ rock! I felt the same way when I decided to change my eating habits. The domino effect it had on the rest of my life was(is) so awesome to experience! Now please excuse me as I go workout extra hard in preparation for Easter chocolate intake. :)

  3. 5
    Marta says:

    Congrats! That is definitely a great accomplishment. I’m currently in that struggling to hold myself accountable phase and trying to work out and hope that I can have as great success as you!

  4. 6
    Missy Olive says:

    Way to go! Sounds like you are already an addict! Next it will be 10K, then half, then marathon. Keep up the great work!

  5. 7
    laura says:

    OMG You SO FREAKIN rock! Running is my savior.. I recently had a life altering running experience and I’m so happy to read that others do too!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE this.. you spoke for me and so many other women. Rock on you are one BADASS MAMA! (I can say that here right? :D)

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