I’m Having a Mid-Life Crisis

Yes, Yes I am. I’m 36 years old — and in some ways, I feel like a few things are kinda over for me at this point.

Like fitting into the size 0 dress I wore for my rehearsal dinner. (Skinny bitch.) Or traveling the world for free all because of my kick ass career. Or … oh hell, being a 20-something again.

And I’m not the least bit ashamed of the fact that I’m having a mid-life crisis well before what most would consider to be mid-life — which is why I decided to blab all about it on an episode of CafeMom’s Mad Life.

As you will see — some people understand my frustrations and don’t think I’m full-blown bat shit crazy. (Or at least if they do, they keep it to themselves.)

Check out my pity party. You’re more than welcome to attend — no RSVP needed.


Are you having a mid-life crisis? (Let’s start our own club!)


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    I am only 7 years older and have my first grandchild already. Trust me my mid life crisis is moving right on with or without me..

  2. 3
    Glamamom says:

    Mary! This is amazing. Andrew Shue saying, “MARY FISCHER!”

    Also, you look incredible. No need for a crisis. Just have a drink instead.

  3. 5

    I clearly need to whip you right out of this BS!! Come on honey. You still got “it” and after a few sweat sessions with me, you’ll be feeling 26 again. And then we’ll go out drinking and you’ll feel 76 in the morning, but hey, we’ll have a really good time!

    • 6
      The Mommyologist says:

      Thanks Allie!! Sounds like a great plan to me. I could definitely use a few sweat sessions. I’m in such a funk/rut, whatever you want to call it right now!! :)

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