I’m Dropping a Major F-Bomb

Hot damn. My name is Mary, and it’s been almost a flipping year since the last time I published a post on this blog. I’m not making excuses for not writing, because I don’t need them. And I’m not apologizing for it either, as all of our lives go through a series of peaks and valleys … and sometimes in the valleys, well … we just don’t feel like fucking blogging.

And that’s what’s pretty much been the case with me. Between getting used to working full-time all over again (which I’ve been doing now for nearly 3 years), all of life’s regular ups and downs, and then … well, a serious change that is taking me completely out of my comfort zone and setting me off on a completely different course in life than I ever expected (more on that someday) — I just didn’t feel like fucking blogging.

But then earlier today after being in one of those very, very low valleys, all of a sudden I got the urge again. So here I am … fucking blogging. (OMG. It feels weird, yet strangely familiar, you guys.)

On that note, in the hopes of getting back into the habit of blogging again (mainly for therapeutic purposes), I’ll end this post with the three things that are keeping me going and seeing a light at the end of the tunnel these days (again, sorry for the cryptic shit), which all happen to start with the letter “F.”

Family — Without them I’d be an even bigger hot mess than I already am. They are my everything. The end.

Friends — Recently I learned who my true “people” are versus the ones who only like to come around when it’s all sunshine and fucking unicorns. The ones who have stuck by me honestly probably belong in the “Family” category.

Following my gut – My instincts have NEVER steered me wrong, and I know they won’t this time either. Shit’s about to get real, but something tells me life is also about to get sweeter than ever. Call it a gut feeling.

(If you actually took the time to read this post considering how long I’ve been absent from the blogosphere, thank you. I’m not sure in what capacity I’ll be coming back, but I’m sure as hell gonna try.)


Giving Back Shouldn’t End After the Holiday Season

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I’m Having a Mid-Life Crisis

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 5.29.21 PM

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8 Signs You’re a Total Cougar


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Alison Sweeney Gets The New Frigidaire Gallery French Door Refrigerator In Order

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