Halloween Is an Excuse for Adults to PARTY

YES! After quite a few years of waiting for the greatest night of the year to fall on a freakin’ weekend, it’s finally that time, my friends! Yes, I’m talking about Halloween, and yes, I might be a little bit more excited about it than … well, most parents.

Seriously, this Friday night could possibly prove to be more exciting than the time in college when I went to a Halloween party with my frat-daddy boyfriend dressed as a red M&M. And there was another blond chick at the same party dressed as a red M&M and he went up and goosed her by mistake instead of me and … that’s another story for another day.

I had the pleasure of chatting about why Halloween is a total excuse for adults to party like rock stars with the gang over at Mad Life.

Oh, and did I mention my neighborhood has a dirty little secret for making Halloween a hell of a lot more exciting than it probably should be? Check out the episode to steal my tip. (Warning: you might be the most popular person on the block after hearing what I have to say.)


Do you go all out for Halloween?

A New Mantra


A couple of years ago, I was all bent out of shape about turning 35, you know, because it marked the end of my early 30s — a time which had been stamped into my brain as the last “hoorah,” or whatever as far as being remotely awesome goes. Long story short, I was totally [...]

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I’m Dropping a Major F-Bomb

Hot damn. My name is Mary, and it’s been almost a flipping year since the last time I published a post on this blog. I’m not making excuses for not writing, because I don’t need them. And I’m not apologizing for it either, as all of our lives go through a series of peaks and [...]

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Giving Back Shouldn’t End After the Holiday Season

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I’m Having a Mid-Life Crisis

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 5.29.21 PM

Yes, Yes I am. I’m 36 years old — and in some ways, I feel like a few things are kinda over for me at this point. Like fitting into the size 0 dress I wore for my rehearsal dinner. (Skinny bitch.) Or traveling the world for free all because of my kick ass career. [...]

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My First Mammogram Was Not What I Expected (VIDEO)

I have a confession to make. When it comes to breast cancer, I’ve always been one of those people who assumes it’s not something I need to be too worried about, a.) because I’m only 36 and it’s not a major concern until I reach my 40s, and b.) because I don’t have a history [...]

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8 Signs You’re a Total Cougar


A little less than a month ago, the unthinkable happened. I fucking turned 36 — and now I’m well on my way out of my mid-30s and I’m entering my late 30s — and for whatever reason, I feel like I’ve crossed some sort of threshold into full-blown old lady territory. And yes, I know [...]

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