About Me

Welcome everyone!  My name is Mary Fischer, and I have been a Stay-at-Home-Mom for four years. Settling into my new role as a mother did not happen overnight for me!  In fact, I only recently got used to the transition. I went from being a career woman who was constantly hopping on a plane to some exciting city, to my permanent position as a round the clock personal concierge to a pint-sized future comedian disguised as my adorable little son.  Motherhood is great, don’t get me wrong, but it’s definitely a lot harder than I thought it would be.  I have finally come to love all of the quirks and challenges that make this the best job on the face of the earth, and I really couldn’t be any happier with my life, but that has definitely taken some time!

I started writing The Mommyologist back in October of 2009 as a way to expose the secrets of motherhood that women everywhere are thinking about, but typically don’t talk about.  I tell it like it is, with no sugar coating, and I’m probably a little too blunt at times!  My experience as a brand new mother was a very isolating one.  Everyone told me how wonderful being a mom was and how happy I was going to be and how my child was going to change my life forever.  All I heard from pretty much everyone around me was that a new baby was a “total and complete blessing and joy!”   That statement is true, but I really just wish that those same people would have looked me in the eye and instead said, “A new baby brings a lot of joy, but he is also going to bring you a lot of anxiety and a lot of stress and a lot of days where you will find yourself sitting on the couch and bawling your eyes out and wondering what in the hell happened to your life.”

If someone had actually said that to me prior to giving birth, then I would’ve felt a lot more normal and much less isolated when I found myself in that very situation!  I would’ve known that women everywhere were experiencing the same obstacles that I was in trying to figure out parenthood.  I firmly believe that if women were more honest with each other about all of the changes in life that motherhood brings, including the more difficult ones, then new moms would feel a lot less alone and a little bit better prepared for their journey.  At the very least, they’d know that they had someone to turn to when they were having one of those, “I don’t think I can take anymore!” kind of days.

My goal in writing The Mommyologist is to provide a go-to place for all of those mothers who are up at three o’clock in the morning with a child who won’t sleep, and all of those mothers who are having really tough days, and even just women in general who need a little bit of comic relief from their hectic day.  If I can help one woman out there feel a little bit more comfortable with her role as a mom, then I’ve more than accomplished what I set out to do!

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