Are You Wearing Sexy Underwear?

Yes — you read that right. I want to talk about your unmentionables today. Because let’s face it — there’s no way in hell you’re going to look and feel Mom Sexy on the outside if you’re sporting a pair of white cotton granny panties and a basic nude bra underneath your clothes. (That just [...]

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‘Biggest Loser’ Host Alison Sweeney Shares Tips for Staying Healthy, Organized, & Fit

Alison Sweeney Gets The New Frigidaire Gallery French Door Refrigerator In Order

Even though I don’t have time to watch it anymore (because the whole full-time job thing kinda gets in the way) — I’ve been a huge Days of our Lives fan since I was a teenager, and I’ve always had a soft spot for Sami Brady. And that’s why I couldn’t possibly say no when [...]

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I Went to Disney World & Came Back a Little Sexier

Great gals at the Hanes Comfort Summit.

A couple of weeks ago I had the most amazing Mother’s Day ever, after traveling to Disney World to attend the Hanes Comfort Summit and officially become a part of the Hanes Comfort Crew. And you know what? I haven’t fully returned to reality quite yet. Because it’s pretty hard to get back into a [...]

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Bringing Mom Sexy Back — Round 2


“You’re fat.” “You’re so freakin’ old.” “Your ass is huge.” “Your boobs are totally saggy and make you look like an 80-year-old woman.” “You’re ugly. And unattractive. And did I mention ugly?” “You’re washed up.” “Your time is over.” “See that girl over there? She’s way skinnier and prettier than you.” “That part of your [...]

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I’m Joining the Hanes Comfort Crew (& Hopefully Getting My Mom Sexy Back Again)

One very happy bitch.

Ahhh. Comfort. It’s something we could all use a whole hell of a lot more of — especially since as moms, we spend a good majority of our time comforting other people, taking care of their needs — and forgetting to pay attention to ourselves in the process is kind of inevitable. But you know [...]

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Date Night With Friends Gone Horribly Wrong

White cosmo & a stiff vodka.

OMG. On Saturday night, my husband and I finally did something we’ve been talking about doing for years, but never actually got around to — until now. We synced up babysitters with two of our awesome couple friends and the six of us went out for drinks and dinner. And it was bad ass. Like [...]

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Super Bowl Sunday: 10 Reasons It’s Just Another Conspiracy Against Parents

Yeah, so today is Super Bowl Sunday. Millions of people all over the U.S. are all fired up and ready to get their couch potato on to enjoy the one day out of the year that’s pretty much reserved for doing nothing, getting all kinds of shitty drunk, and enjoying copious amounts of artery-clogging food [...]

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