Welcome to the Mommyologist! ¬†Although I have a limited posting schedule, I am PR friendly and I’m open to partnering with brands that are relevant and beneficial to my readers. I specialize in video reviews, and I’m particularly interested in showcasing products/services that can help women boost their confidence and feel better about themselves. If you have a product or service that fits this category, I’d love to hear from you.

I’ve provided a few links to some of the video reviews I’ve done in the past to help you judge whether I’m a good person to represent your product:

Chic Mama

Calvin Klein T-Shirt Bra

Hayneedle AeroPilates Review

Miraclebody Jeans

If you would like to advertise your product, website, or service on The Mommyologist, please email me at themommyologist(at)gmail(dot)com, and I will contact you as soon as possible.

I am also very open to partnerships that are mutually beneficial to my blog and to companies, so please contact me if you would like to further discuss working with The Mommyologist to promote your product, website, or service, and I’m sure that we can work out an agreement that suits us both.